4-Layer Salsa Dip

Product: Blue Kettle Tomato Salsa


- 1 ½ cup Blue Kettle Tomato Salsa
- 250ml soft cream cheese
- 250 ml guacamole
- 2 Tbsp. hot sauce
- ½ cup grated cheddar cheese
- Tortilla chips or rice crackers


- Combine ½ cup Blue Kettle Tomato Salsa, cream cheese and hot sauce in mixing bowl and spead evenly in a 9" serving dish
- Spread guacamole evenly on top of mixture
- Spread 1 cup Blue Kettle Tomato Salsa evenly on top of guacamole
- Sprinkly cheddar cheese on top of Tomato Salsa and serve with tortilla chips or rice crackers

A 4-layer dip which is an excellent appetizer or snack

Recipe Type: 1 - Starters