Fried Bananas

Product: Blue Kettle Chocolate Indulgence


- 2 firm bananas
- 1 Tbsp. butter
- 1 Tbsp. brown sugar
- ½ cup Blue Kettle Chocolate Indulgence
- Whipped cream or vanilla ice cream
- Sliced almonds (optional)


- Remove bananas from peel and slice in half lengthwise
Preheat a large frying pan on medium-high heat
- Add butter and melt
- Place bananas in frying pan flat side down and fry for 1 minute
- Carefully flip bananas over and sprinkle with brown sugar
- Continue to fry for 1 minute
- Remove bananas and place on serving dish
- Top with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream
- Microwave Blue Kettle Chocolate Indulgence in a microwave safe dish for 10-15 seconds

- Drizze each banana with a generous amount of Chocolate Indulgence
- Sprinkle sliced almonds and serve


Serves 2

Recipe Type: 4 - Dessert